• Improve the flow of fresh air and oxygen
  • Remove harmful fumes and dust through venting and filtration
  • Reduce the risk of product contamination in clean room manufacturing and catering¬†
  • Reduce the risk of allergens
  • Remove strong or noxious odours such as solvent vapours and scents
  • Regulate humidity and prevent condensation
  • Improve heating efficiency through heat recovery

Wherever you are, access to fresh air is not just welcome, but a necessity if you want your workforce to function effectively.

Removing contaminants and fumes from production processes remains a major focus, whether you are a restaurant kitchen or an auto spray shop. What is equally important is replenishing that stale air with fresh conditioned and filtered air from outside.

Heat recovery is increasingly being used to preheat the incoming air with the heat from the exhaust air, increasing thermal efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

SCS Facilities Management design and install air handling systems, including all ducting, pipework and electrical control systems. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers work across Scotland and throughout the UK.